Physifun has trained health professionals from all over South Africa, as well as some in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, who can provide your child with a fun exercise & mindfulness class, with the additional bonus of them being a registered healthcare professional who would have undergone excellent university training in child development.

PhysiFun runs evidence based training courses for schools’ teachers, crèche teachers, sports coaches, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Developed by Tracy Prowse, a physiotherapist with a masters degree in Sports Physiotherapy, the training allows schools’ teachers and coaches to implement simple, effective and inexpensive interventions at school and at home. Thus creating a valuable link between teachers and therapists in a day to day school setting.


PhysiFun’s has designed 2 movement programmes:

Physifun Body & Mind Programme: Phys-ical Fun-damentals & Mindfulness Interventions

PhysiFun Body & Mind Exercise Programme (4-13 year olds)

The Physiball interventions assist foundation phase children (4-13 years) to optimize their physical (gross, core & fine motor), cognitive and behavioural development and provides teachers of senior primary children (8-13 years) with a basic overview of incorporating movement and mindfulness strategies into the classroom.

Physifit Developing Sporty Kids

Physifit Agility, Strength & Conditioning Programme (8-18 year olds)

The Physifit interventions assist older children (8-18 year olds) to prevent overuse & sport related injuries, by adopting a holistic approach to a child’s sporting schedule & addressing underlying risk factors for injury and pain.

How are the programmes run?

The programmes are designed so that educators can incorporate the strategies, tools and exercises into their day-to-day classroom & extramural routine. If the school prefers, the programmes can be run by a trained Physifun health professional either at their practice or they can come to your school to run the programme, but it is highly recommended that the teachers and school take on the Physifun ethos and that they attend training from the health professional as well. Please contact your local trained therapist to arrange this.

The Physifun Body & Mind course provides eduactors with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional & behavioural regulation, concentration & cognitive skills and improved wellbeing through stress management via the body’s autonomic nervous system. Physifun aims to help schools achieve a culture and ethos of understanding and neuroscientific knowledge in their approach to children’s  mental health & wellbeing.

The Physi-FUN-damentals aspect of the Body & mind programme can be used for all children in the classroom or during P.E time to maximize their developmental skills in the classroom and on the playing field. It is designed to complement the existing curriculum of schools and preschools and can also be run by teaching staff as an afterschool or breakfast club activity, for 20-30 minutes, once or twice a week. Alternatively the PhysiFun exercises can be incorporated into the classroom setting and used as movement breaks and concentration enhancers. The PhysiFun Body & Mind exercise classes can also be run by an external Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapists who has been trained by PhysiFun. Read More

The Physifit  Sporty Kids exercise programme can be used by sports coaches and physical education teachers as part of the warm up activities or for pre-season or pre-practice strength and conditioning training. Or they can be run by an external Physiotherapist or Biokineticist Therapists who has been trained by PhysiFun.  Read More