The PhysiFun concept encourages movement, strengthening & mindfulness for children. PhysiFun-trained healthcare professional therapists run movement classes in their local communities, as well as teaching evidence based training courses for teachers, PE & sports coaches; and parents, thus creating a valuable link between schools and therapists in a day to day school setting. Contact your local Physifun-trained healthcare professional for more information.

Are you a parent? PhysiFun has trained healthcare professionals from all over South Africa who can provide your child with a fun strengthening, exercise, movement & mindfulness class, with the additional bonus of them being an HPCSA registered healthcare professional who would have undergone excellent university training in child development.  Look on our contact page and find your local healthcare professional who is running an exercise class. Alternatively, you can speak to them about training up your child’s teachers at your local school.
Are you a teacher or coach affiliated to a school? The training courses are designed to provide educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, physical, regulation and cognitive skills in the classroom and during play, as well as to refocus the mind and let go of stress in the body. The various PhysiFun programmes can be run by teaching staff as an after-school or breakfast club activity, for 20-30 minutes, once or twice a week. Alternatively, the PhysiFun ethos & exercises can be incorporated into the classroom setting and used as emotional regulators, movement breaks, concentration-enhancers and de-stressors.
PhysiFun’s teacher training workshops help teachers manage children who have behavioural & attention difficulties, as well as gross and fine movement difficulties in an evidence-based tried-and-tested way. Teachers will walk away from the workshops with easy-to-implement strategies for the classroom which will help to improve the writing, learning, emotional & autonomic regulation and physical skills of the children in their class.

The PhysiFun ethos

The PhysiFun Ethos is to promote movement, mindfulness and exercise within school environments in order to improve better functioning of children in learning, writing, concentration, sports skills, playground play and prevent injury in sporting activities. The PhysiFun Ethos draws from the fields of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, mindfulness, breathwork, psychology, neuroscience and exercise physiology to help provide children with opportunities to improve their core development skills of reading, writing, movement, postural control, attention, stress and strength. These strategies & exercises help children to improve their fundamental academic and early childhood development skills, as well as providing a fun way of developing and improving their executive functioning skills (attention and awareness) and stress system regulation.



Thank you to  Western Cape on Wellness Healthy Lifestyle Initiative (WoW!), for inviting Physifun to be one of their partners.

What is PhysiFun?