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PhysiFun’s Exercise Programmes?

PhysiFun’s movement programmes use a combination of Pilates, Yoga, Stretch, Swiss Ball, agility, proprioception and muscle strengthening exercises to help provide children with opportunities to improve their movement, attention, stress and strength with the sensory yoga & pilates-type of exercises. These exercises help children to improve their core and shoulder girdle stability, as well as their movement control which is important for handwriting and sitting at desks, as well as providing a fun way of developing and improving their fundamental sports and movement skills.

What is the PhysiBall Gross Motor Exercise Programme?

Schools are seeing an increasing number of children with difficulties in sitting and concentrating in the classroom, handwriting, core strength and general movement and exercise skills – possibly due to inactive lifestyles, increased time using technology instead of playing outside, environmental factors or underlying developmental difficulties.

PhysiBall is designed for kids who are 3-8 years old (Gr000 – Gr2/3)

Physiball has been developed in order to empower schools, teachers and parents to help children improve their movement skills as well as their ability to learn effectively in the classroom, by giving teachers a ready-to-use exercise programme. These exercises can be used as and when the teacher sees fit and as part of the physical and academic curriculum. The Physiball exercises have been designed so that the teacher can use them in the classroom as part of the school day (“little and often” as movement and sensory breaks to facilitate better concentration and reduce fidgeting), or the programme can be run as a formal part of the Physical Education programme in large groups or in smaller movement proficiency groups. A movement coach or teaching assistant could also be trained to run the smaller groups, thereby providing families who have children with additional needs with extra support, understanding, motivation and a fun-to-do exercise programme.
Alternatively, contact your local PhysiFun-trained occupational therapist or physiotherapist so that they might be able to provide a more specialised service for the children with more severe movement difficulties.

Who can run the Physiball Programme?

Teachers, teaching assistants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.PhysiFun (18)

What is the PhysiFit Sporty Kids Exercise Programme?

There is also a growing number of sporting children who are injuring themselves or unable to attend the season’s sporting fixtures due to sport related injuries. Physifit addresses underlying issues & factors to prevent injury and ensure that children play sport for life.

PhysiFit is designed for children who are 8-18 years old (Gr3 – Gr12)

Physifit was designed by a physiotherapist who has a masters degree in sports physiotherapy in response to the growing number of children, worldwide, who are dropping out of sport at an earlier age, getting burnout as young as 13 and developing overuse sporting injuries pre adolescence. Many of the reasons for these children not “staying in the game” are completely avoidable just through education of the relevant adults in the child’s life. Coaches and parents need to know how to prevent their child from developing injuries and they need to be given up-to-date-relevant and evidence based exercises to use with children under the age of 14 in order to prevent injury in a safe sporting environment. The Physifit exercise programme uses a combination of Core control exercises, Swiss ball exercises, general overall muscle strengthening exercises, specific resisted muscle strengthening, using wrist and ankle weights, balance, agility, proprioception and general warm up and cool down activities.

Who can run the PhysiFit Programmes?

Sports Coaches affiliated to a school or sports academy and physiotherapists/biokineticists can run PhysiFit.

NEW* Launching 2019* The Physifun Body Programme, brought to you by Nicola Aylward & Tracy Prowse

Nicola Aylward ( and Tracy Prowse, both candidates for the IMISA/Stellenbosch University Post Grad Cert in Mindfulness (MBSR), have joined forces to bring the Physifun Body programme to schools.

This programme uses mindful movement designed to refocus the mind and let go of stress in the body. The Physifun Body course will provide you with the scientific evidence supporting the benefits of bringing in mindful movement & activities into a child’s day, the relevance of the body, the breath and the autonomic nervous system in the management of symptoms of anxiety, as well as easy-to-use tips and ideas for the classroom and at home and a ready-to-go exercise programme which can be used as an exercise class to relieve stress in the body and refocus the mind. The exercises can be used “little and often” in the classroom as movement and attention breaks.

Who can run the Physifun Body Programme?

Physiotherapists can use the programme as part of their offerings to schools and in their practices. At present, only Nicola Aylward and Tracy Prowse can provide direct training workshops to teachers in schools.


  1. Physifun Body Stretch, Mindfulness & Breathwork cue cards
  2. Physifun Body User Manual
  3. Physifun Body & Mindfulness in Schools Theory – powerpoint version available
  4. Useful Tips to relieve anxiety at home and in the classroom
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